Message of the Commissioner

It is a privilege for to me state that the department of provincial revenue as the pioneer financial strength of the central province, our pivotal

objective is to render efficient and  effective service to the  public who  gives an eminent  contribution towards the  sustainable  development

of  the   province.  As the central Province is a Fertile and luxurious province with a Spellbinding natural beauty, our major  aim is to  protect it

for future generations.


As we all  wish for the   prosperity and  development  of our  province, I strongly believe  that  this website provides  vital  information for our

valued customers to be aware of our prestigious services.


On the other hand, this website is a  golden opportunity for the entire community who offer their close  contribution towards the  prosperity

of  the  central   province.    Finally,  I would   like  to convey  my sincere   gratitude to  everyone  who   gives  maximum  financial s upport to the

development of our province.

Mr. C.A. Sugathadasa
Department of Provincial Revenue
Central Province
Sri Lanka

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