Pawn Brokers Licence


Issuing annual licence to the existing pawn broker businesses and registration of new pawn broker businesses under the Statute No.4 of 2014 Pawn Brokers of the Central Provincial Council

Persons who shall be liable

Every person who carries on a pawn broker business in the central province, but shall not include a pawn brokers business carried out by a bank which defined under the Bank act No. 30 of 1988

Effective from

01st January 2016

Licence Fee

  1. Registration fee applicable for a new Pawn Broking Business – Rs. 25,000.00
  2. Annual Licence fee for Pawn Broking Business – Rs. 5000.00
  3. Surety deposit to be made by a licence holder of Pawn Broking Business – Rs. 100,000.00
  4. State Bank in which the surety deposit to be made by the licence holder – People’s Bank in favour of Commissioner of Provincial Revenue


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  2. 1921/5, 29.06.2015
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